From Barcelona to the entire world

Our location, in the heart of Vallés, the nerve centre of the Spanish textile industry, means we are right where all the textile sector changes are happening. This excellent location also means we can access the talent and creativity that emanates from a city such as Barcelona.  

todo bajo control

Everything under control

Knowing at all times what you are doing and how you are doing it is essential to ensure the quality and control of your product. And this is why our manufacturing is carried out here. Because we can monitor each step and supply our customers with the high quality that they demand.  

Sustainable. From start to finish

It is only if we think long-term that we’re going to get there. And this is why we are working to reduce our environmental imprint and become sustainable in all our manufacturing processes. This endeavour has proved fruitful since new products such as EcoIBQ® have been created.

tejidos preparados

Fully prepared for tomorrow

Innovation drives us forward As committed professionals, we relentlessly seek out challenges and we are equipped to create the most imaginative products. We have our own lab staffed with top technicians and chemical engineers.

empresa independiente

We work independently within a big group

IBQ Fabrics® forms a part of the Dobert Textile Group. This gives us security and vertical integration. It also means we can fully control the manufacturing process through the company’s warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing plants. And, at the same time, we can keep our independence.

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