We open a window to sustainability

Resources are not infinite; but our commitment to sustainability is. And this is why we’ve create the EcoIBQ brand. It is a stamp under which we group together all our ecofriendly textiles, i.e. those manufactured using sustainable or recycled materials.


ibq econyl

A new life for waste material

A yarn from waste materials, which helps reduce the consumption of resources and emission levels, to clean the environment and give a new use to yesterday’s products.

For each 10 tonnes of yarn:

Recyled Polyester

Bottles are no longer bottles

We make polyester using recycled materials (PET bottles and industrial waste). This product has the same properties as virgin polyester, but with a lower impact on the planet.

Better for you, better for everyone

Recycled fibres

Going full circle

We consume hundreds of garments every year. So giving them a second life is important for the environment. Because only this way will we be able to reduce the water consumption and CO2 emissions generated in producing them.

Organic cotton

Natural feels better

Our organic cotton is responsible, not only because it’s friendly to the environment but also to the communities that grow it. It uses sustainable resources, without adding pesticides or herbicides, only using methods that are 100% biological, and it is grown using traditional farming methods.

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