We have created a range of fabrics to meet the requirements of standard EN ISO 11611. Fabrics designed to withstand the working conditions typically found in professions such as welding, among others. Although thanks to the versatility of our fabrics, they have many other uses other than in welding garments; for example, they can be used to manufacture garments that resistant for a short exposure time to flame, radiant heat or electrical shocks, among other properties.
The regulations specify two classes of protection. Class 1 corresponds to protection against situations in which molten metal may be splashed or less dangerous radiant heat. Class 2 is applied to more dangerous situations. Our garments include items that comply with each class. Depending on the requirements, the most ideal fabrics are selected in terms of the ones that will be most appropriate for fireproof clothes for welders, clothes to be worn when operating thermal cutting, thermal spraying or thermal grinding machinery, among other uses.