Proven Quality


Metallurgical industry, welding works, construction or forest works, among many other examples, require specialized technical fabrics. Our protection collection is designed to face diverse work hazards. We can find in it fabrics with multiple certifications, high technical value fibers and great capabilities. And others say the same.


Our manufacturing system is Bluesign® This stamp guarantees that the components used in manufacturing our textiles, as well as the manufacturing process itself, reduce the impact on the environment as well as on people. Our processes are designed to minimize the use of water, energy and materials and to monitor toxic emissions in air and water.


The produwe manufacture complywiththe STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® This standardr certifies that during each stage of the manufacturing process, steps are in place to eliminate potential sources of problematic substancesthat may beharmful to skin.


The GRS standard was developed to increase the use of recycled materials and to guarantee special and environmental standards for participating companies. It is an international standard that specifies the requirements for third party certification.

CircTex Interrek

CircTex focuses on the development of recycling and production techniques in a closed process chain for polyester (PET) workwear. The textile industry in the NWE zone consumes 17 million tonnes of non-renewable raw materials annually. That is why the transition to a circular economy within the textile industry is pressing.