Work from home: tips and advice

Think it is as important as face-to-face work
Working from home shouldn’t greatly change the type of tasks we used to do. Value that what you do is still important and try to continue fulfilling, as much as possible, with the same routines and tasks that you had. Keep the same schedules, taking the same breaks and dedicating the same time to the work you did before – that your day changes the least.
Separate the personal from the professional
It is important to know how to separate what is professional from what is personal. This begins by working in a space dedicated to telework and specific to it. Working in the same place where you live and do your normal life can end up preventing you from being able to separate your personal life from your professional life and making it impossible for you to disconnect when you are not working.
Keep in touch with your colleagues
Spend a moment of your day talking to colleagues with whom you shared spaces. This way we do not only maintain the link with the other workers, but we also maintain the link with the company and with the routines that we followed, something that greatly facilitates concentration and motivation.
Take short breaks and physical exercises
Although we work the same hours as in an office, for example, fatigue and tiredness can be much greater if we do not leave the house. Think that moving to your workplace involves walking or driving, which means some exercise for our body, and at the same time helps us to clear ourselves. Being at home, we must find alternatives such as stretching the muscles of the whole body, changing position or space or walking.