We are experts in manufacturing elastics because this was what we first started to make. Elastics can be grouped into two main categories.

Simple elastics (Plain Stretch Woven). These kinds of elastics are very comfortable and perform well when stretched. We have different kinds of elastics depending on the direction of their elasticity:

  • Mono-elastics (Mono-stretch): These garments stretch in one direction. Depending on a garment’s ergonomics, the elasticity is either longitudinal or transversal.
  • Bi-elastics (Bi-stretch): These garments stretch in both directions. This means the garments are very comfortable for the wearer.

Double-Weave Elastics: These are dual weave fabrics featuring a blend of different textures with an inner loop. These are used for high-performance garments and offer the wearer maximum comfort levels. Likewise, these can stretch either in one or several directions.

And, depending on the kind of fibers used in the elastics, they can provide properties such as moisture wicking, excellent thermal insulation, resistance to cuts and wear, and electrical shock proofing, among others. Some of our most popular fabrics are the Ripstop fabrics that incorporate high-resistance weave that prevents any cuts or tears from spreading. This kind of fabric is idea for mountaineering clothes and garments that must be both light and very resistant.